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Put Your Program's Trust In Optima.

Hey, you're here! Thanks for reading a little about us too! We want you to feel secure by putting your trust in Optima, including the people behind the software. Optima was designed by CASA experts with over four decades of real-life CASA management, technical and data security experience. We know a thing or two about what it takes to do software right. We also know CASA very well because we lived it!

Optima is software designed and tailored completely for the CASA life -- for your life. We'd like to think of ourselves as the "triple threat". We know software. We know CASA. And, we truly listen and treat our customers right. Oh, and what we didn't mention is our prices are lower than the competition, which is a super great bonus for programs.

We're Part Of Your CASA Team.

We listen to our programs. We designed Optima to be easy for you and it really, really, really is easy!

As a small company, we listen carefully to your needs and respond quickly! We view ourselves as part of your CASA program team, on a mission to help you, leaving the "vendor" mentality completely behind.

We are also completely passionate. We see our business as more than a job. Like you, we are so very passionate about helping and are dedicated to making a real difference! We invite you to contact us to discover how we can make your CASA life a lot easier! Get a free demo of Optima today! We promise you it will be time very well spent!

We're more than an overnight success company, offering CASA Programs over 40 Years REAL CASA experience!


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Optima Co-Founder | Web-Based Software Specialty

Andy Cicchillo

Andy is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years' experience in all aspects of information systems with emphasis on developing web-based applications for the legal sector. Andy's experience with managing large software projects enables him to expertly guide the Optima Software technology direction. Andy's vision is to make a difference in children's lives: assisting them through the legal system during a difficult time.

He is also active in mentoring the imprisoned, helping change directions and lives everywhere.

  • National Association for Court Management (NACM) - Justice Achievement Award
  • Smithsonian Institution - Excellence in Technology Award
  • Center for Digital Government - Government Achievement Award
  • National Association of Counties (NACO) - Numerous awards
Optima Co-Founder | Security Specialist and Tech Guru

Linda Cicchillo

Linda's long career in managing Fortune 500 technology services and working with customers, from executive level to end users, enables her to see the whole picture and effectively communicate with all facets of an organization. She is certified in identity theft risk management and has counseled many business owners on data security. Linda's passion is helping people, and it shows!

Optima Co-Founder | CASA Program Management and Training

Robert Hahn

As the former Director of the CASA program of Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ), Rob is uniquely qualified to work with CASA programs, both nonprofit and court based in understanding the individual program needs as well as the common CASA organization requirements. His extensive real-world CASA management background tied together with his zeal for innovation and creativity, drive his desire to help your program achieve more! He wants to help your program thrive, through implementation of new ideas for making CASA programs run successfully.
Robert has an amazing smile and cheerful attitude that he brings to every program, along with an extensive bow tie collection.