Optima benefits will transform your program.

The old way of doing CASA has passed. Prepare your program to simply be thrilled!

Optima Software benefits for your CASA program.

Here's a few features & benefits you'll receive with Optima.
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Reports in Seconds!

Push a button, get ROI, annual, state, 6-month, VOCA, customizable reports & an expansive library of reports for cases, children, counties & volunteers.

Work from Anywhere 24/7

You'll have access to your entire case, not just pieces and parts, from anywhere there is Internet. Add information to the case, distribute immediately to those who need access, now.

Immediately Lower Costs

You'll pay one low monthly subscription to Optima, that's it! There's no hidden fees, no software to continuously upgrade and no surprises!

Save your Precious Time

You'll finally have a lot of time to drill down & better manage your CASA program, not to mention the time you'll have to help more children!

Mobile Tools for your Program

Optima Go, our latest on-the-go mobile tool, gives you distributed input! Add information into the case in real time! Volunteers can add quick notes & contact logs, immediately viewable by supervisors (who no longer need to re-enter reports)! Quickly, securely access hearing details & documents, see week-at-a-glance events, your schedule and more!

Engage & Retain Volunteers

Optima empowers advocates, helping them feel less isolated in their "solo" work. We have over 60,000+ volunteers using Optima daily. There's no waiting until month-end to see their activity or contact log reports, it's available immediately within Optima. Volunteers are completely over-the-top about our new Optima go mobile tool, wow!

Get Real Measurable Results

A click of a button gives you quantitative proof of measurable hours. Plus, get the qualitative knowledge needed to prove that your program efforts show improvement through the child's wellbeing!

Lower CASA Staff Turnover

Have more time to devote to staff, encourage and engage. Finally have time to put a succession plan in place. Promote and grow from within, as you'll be able to move advocates into new positions and have time to groom others, all without losing the knowledge behind the position.

No data loss, ever again!

Never start a case all over again! With Optima, there's no data loss if a volunteer or staff member should leave or be on vacation. Never lose another e-mail or piece of paper. Contacts and the entire case are securely stored within Optima and always available. Think of the time savings here!

No duplicates!

Eliminate redundant data collection steps and multiple systems in your CASA program. Save time and potential data entry duplicates & errors. Information is added in one step into the case in real time for everyone who needs it. Organize your way!

Run your Program with Less Stress!

When you subscribe to Optima, you'll manage more efficiently and effectively, with a higher ROI, less costs and much less stress. Bottom line, you're going to be super happy!

Wellbeing Assessments, "To Do" Lists

Prioritize, standardize, track & evaluate volunteer activities & case services by customizable "To Do" lists. Manage services that children currently receive & those identified as needed, but are not yet receiving! Finally confirm short & long term improvements by your program!

Completely Paperless!

Enjoy your new, organized, paperless way to do CASA life. Scan & upload all of your documents for immediate shared access. No more copying & mailing, no more binders of paper or searching for that "one" piece of paper or file on your computer.

Increase your ROI!

You'll reduce costs & increase your return on investment for your entire CASA program, from your cost to recruit to everything else under your CASA sun.

Track & Recruit Volunteers Online

Accept volunteer applications and reference surveys efficiently, document training & more all online. It's volunteer recruitment from anywhere; community events, street fairs, farmers markets -- you name it, all within the same day!

So Easy to Use!

Using Optima is just a piece of cake. Our dashboard is light, airy, and just down right really enjoyable to use on a daily basis! Get your free demo and you'll see what we mean!

Exceptional Customer Service

Oh yeah! With Optima, you'll have customer service the way it used to be, from day one! On most days, owners actually answer the phones and are here to help, should any need arise. Many programs just call to say, "Hi"!

Bank-like Encrypted Security

Your program data is encrypted, stored in the US, and kept behind super thick cement walls with 24/7 guarded monitoring. We've added extra security with your own secure URL!